Flowcharts are a graphical way of representing an algorithm design.

A flowchart must have a clear start and finish (unless looping).

Flowchart Symbols

Start / Finishflowchart start / finish symbolUsed to indicate the start and finish of the algorithm.
ProcessGCSE flowchart process symbolA process / action to be performed, e.g. a calculation or the assignment of a value.
Input / OutputGCSE flowchart input / output symbolUsed to show data being inputted into the system (e.g. by a user), or data being outputted (e.g. a message or the value from a variable).
DecisionGCSE flowchart decision symbolA question / test of a condition that allows the flowchart to branch into one of two paths, yes or no.

Flowchart Example

Below is an example of a flowchart.

GCSE flowchart example


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