Tag: Security

US pipeline shut due to Ransomware

BBC Online: A ransomware attack on a US natural gas facility meant a pipeline had to be shut down for two days. Visit Website

Marriott hack reveals details of 500 million guests

BBC Online: The records of 500 million customers of Marriott International have been involved in a data breach. Visit Website

Easy hacking of US weapons systems

BBC Online:  A government report has concluded that some of the most cutting edge USA military weapons can be easily hacked using basic tools. Visit Website

Insecure printers hacked

BBC Online:  A hacker has briefly hijacked more than 150,000 printers accidentally left accessible via the web. Visit Website

Yet another Yahoo attack

BBC Online:  Details are emerging of another Yahoo hacking attack, this time dating back to 2013. Visit Website

Ransomware attack gives everyone a free ride

The Guardian Online:  San Francisco Municipal Transport Agency attacked by hackers who locked up computers and data with 100 bitcoin demand. Visit Website

The dangers of ransomware

BBC Online:  A short video highlighting the dangers of ransomware. Visit Website

Army of webcams used in DDoS attack

BBC Online:  One of the biggest ever web attacks has been reported –  more than one terabit of data was fired at a website to knock it offline. Visit Website