Storage Devices Worksheets


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Available for immediate digital download; this PowerPoint contains 8 engaging activities to complement lessons about storage devices.

Each activity involves students needing to drag and drop images or answers into the correct positions on the slide.

These worksheets would make a greater starter or plenary activity, doubling up as revision materials later.

If desired, unwanted activities can be deleted and the PowerPoint could easily be re-saved into smaller singular activities.

The activities are:

  • Drag device names to the correct image
  • or, Drag image to correct device names
  • Drag images to correctly classify devices as primary, secondary or offline storage
  • Drag images to correctly classify as volatile or non-volatile
  • Drag images to correctly classify as magnetic, optical or solid state
  • Drag statements to correctly classify as a characteristic of HDD or SSD
  • Drag typical storage capacity to the correct storage device (one shape left editable in case you need to change capacity sizes)
  • Drag optical storage disc names to correctly classify as read only, recordable or re-writable

Note: this worksheet does not contain macros and does not self mark.

Answers are included.