Programming Concepts Cheat Sheet



Our cheat sheets are great for those students who favour having no nonsense notes in a handy A4 printable format!

These notes are an ideal revision aid.

The programming concepts cheat sheets are available now for an immediate digital download.

What’s included?

  • Program development life cycle
  • Algorithms as pseudocode and flowcharts
  • Data structures (variables, constants, 1D arrays and 2D arrays)
  • Data types
  • Declaring data structures
  • Assignment of values
  • Types of test data
  • Types of validation and verification
  • String handling
  • File handling
  • Library routines
  • Procedures and functions
  • Standard methods of a solution (bubble sort, max, min, totalling and average)
  • Iteration (repeat until, while do endwhile, for to next)
  • Selection (if then else endif, case of otherwise endcase)
  • Using iteration to read and write from 1D and 2D arrays

What am I buying?

  • No nonsense notes spread across 11 sides of A4 in PDF format.
  • Your cheat sheet is licensed for unlimited use within a single establishment.

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