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ISPs challenged over misleading broadband speeds

The Guardian Online:  A cross party group of MPs are looking to change the law after receiving complaints from consumers who are locked into broadband contracts that don’t provide the advertised speeds. Visit Website

Fingerprint Hack

BBC Online:  Interesting video demonstrating how the low resolution fingerprint sensors found on smartphones can be fooled with clay. Visit Website

Hacking a Home Network

BBC Online: The BBC investigate how to exploit vulnerabilities in home networks.  You’re network is only as secure as its weakest link. Visit Website

Selfie ID Checks

BBC Online: Credit card giant Mastercard are launching selfie photos as a method of customer authentication.  They are hoping biometric checks such as this, and fingerprints, will help cut fraud and provide a better service…

Biometric Banking at HSBC

BBC Online: HSBC have launched voice recognition and fingerprint scanning to some of its banking services, an innovative and simpler method of customer authentication. This move brings HSBC in line with Barclays, RBS and NatWest…

Encryption Issues For Law Enforcement

BBC Online: Encryption has been making headlines recently.  Should service providers be forced to provide ‘back doors’ to allow law enforcers to view encrypted data?  The BBC website has a great video about this. Visit…