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Data representation videos now live

We are pleased to announce that all six data representation revision videos are now completed and live on this website and YouTube.

ISPs to help crack down on piracy

BBC Online:  UK ISPs are to start sending “educational letters” to customers identified as downloading copyright material without paying for it. Visit Website

Surgeons claim 3D printing is revolutionary

BBC Online:  Surgeons are thrilled at the ability to print bespoke implants, giving patients quicker recovery times and a better end result. Visit Website

Our first video is live!

We’ve been busy this week creating a YouTube Channel to accompany this website.  Our initial goal is to use videos to help explain concepts that are just too difficult to grasp using words alone. Later, we hope to…

A step closer to quantum computing

BBC Online:  Scientists at Sussex University say they are close to building a large scale quantum computer. Visit Website

Amazon makes first UK drone delivery

BBC Online:  Amazon has made its first commercial delivery using a drone, in the UK. Visit Website