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Burger-flipping robot is too slow

BBC Online: A robot designed to replace a human role in a burger restaurant has been forced to take a break whilst improvements are made. Visit Website

Robot solves rubik’s cube in 0.38 seconds

BBC Online: A robot that can solve a Rubik’s cube puzzle in 0.38 seconds has been developed in the USA. Visit Website

New theory added

New theory has been added recently across a range of topics, along with glossary entries to match.  We’ve also made improvements to some existing theory to better reflect syllabuses. More work is needed on the…

Amazon to create 1200 jobs with new warehouse

The Guardian Online: Amazon is to create a further 1,200 new jobs with a warehouse in Bolton.  The warehouse, which will be the third to open in the north-west, will be one of a new generation…

Monkey selfie legal fight settled

BBC Online:  A photographer has won a two-year legal fight against an animal rights group over a “monkey selfie” photograph. Visit Website

McLaren to 3D-print parts at F1 tracksides

BBC Online:  McLaren plans to start 3D-printing parts for its Formula 1 cars trackside at Grand Prix competitions. Visit Website

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