Latest News

The growing e-waste problem

BBC Online:  A short article looking at the issues surrounding e-waste. Visit Website

US pipeline shut due to Ransomware

BBC Online: A ransomware attack on a US natural gas facility meant a pipeline had to be shut down for two days. Visit Website

Ongoing Improvements

We’ve been busy recently making further improvements to the website: New quizzes New theory pages Improvements to some existing theory pages New glossary terms New cheat sheets As always, lots more work still to be…

Google creates AI ethics panel

BBC Online: Google has created an advisory panel to offer guidance on ethical issues relating to artificial intelligence, automation and related technologies Visit Website

Marriott hack reveals details of 500 million guests

BBC Online: The records of 500 million customers of Marriott International have been involved in a data breach. Visit Website

Easy hacking of US weapons systems

BBC Online:  A government report has concluded that some of the most cutting edge USA military weapons can be easily hacked using basic tools. Visit Website